Custom Insurance Software Development Services

Intellectsoft is a paramount global provider of software solutions for the insurance industry. We help the world’s insurance organizations to boost their efficiency, profitability, and safety through innovative digital transformation technologies.


Get custom insurance software and rely on our digitalization services and expertise to boost your organizational efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure a top-quality experience for your end user.

Custom insurance application on the tablet and iPhone screen
Custom Application Development

Our custom fintech solutions are built to offer a superior user experience while keeping your customer's data secure.

Quoting and Analysis Algorithms

Intellectsoft insurance software development services offer the best-in-class quoting solutions to exceed end-users' and partners' needs and deliver high-quality results.

Claims and Policy Management Software

By automating crucial processes and workflow, your insurance industry experts will increase their efficiency, speed, and security of claims processing.

Custom Portals and Website Development

Build an efficient value chain for your partners, vendors, and customers with our expertise in providing insurance industry software solutions.

Mobile Applications and Chatbots

Add value to your business by using our insurance software development services and expertise in creating chatbots and mobile apps to the fullest.

Data Science and Analytics

The promise of Big Data and analytics in the insurance industry brings hope for quick adaptation to modern information super-abundance.

CRM/ERP/HR Platforms

Take full advantage of Intellectsoft's custom insurance software development capabilities to reach out to your clients across multiple channels and build strong relationships.

Financial Software

Optimize your insurance and reporting processes by getting a new financial custom solution from scratch or upgrading the one you have.


Leading insurance carriers benefit from our professional services and methodologies that accelerate growth and impact the bottom line.

  • Legacy System

    Legacy System Transformation

    Modernize your legacy systems to keep pace with changing technologies and business environments. Let our experts enhance your crucial software by integrating advanced web or mobile solutions, upgrading your infrastructure, and bringing only necessary innovations.

  • Customer

    Customer Experience

    Transforming the Customer Experience is a new and powerful shift for the Insurance domain that can bring about quantum change. Implementation of customer experience requires transforming traditional strategies, workflows, processes, and technologies.

  • Internet of

    Internet of Things

    The insurance business is predicated on data, and IoT provides volumes of data. IoT technology changes the way insurers assess, price, and limit risks, with a wide range of potential advantages and best insurance software solutions for the company.

  • Big

    Big Data

    Our experts can bring you efficient insurance software solutions using a variety of Big Data development tools to help your organization achieve even the most ambitious goals.

  • Blockchain


    More than 80% of insurance companies claimed they adopted or were planning to adopt blockchain technology. The need for innovation in insurance is critical — customers are craving transparency, speed, and cost flexibility.

  • Artificial

    Artificial Intelligence

    Our deep domain expertise enables insurers to become AI-driven and powered by automated machine learning. Artificial Intelligence in Insurance is already being used in many ways, from intelligent Chatbots that offer fast customer service round the clock to the array of machine learning technologies that improve insurance industry software solutions.

Intellectsoft is your partner for a safer, more profitable insurance business.
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We provide full-cycle IT support, operational transformation, and high impact insurance software solutions that help insurance companies deliver personalized, efficient, and informed care.

  • A shared understanding of project objectives
  • Business requirements transformed into functional
  • The initial vision of the architecture of the project
  • A project plan that includes risks and budgets
  • A clear product strategy and development roadmap
Project development process roadmap for insurande software solutions Project development process roadmap for insurande software solutions, mobile version
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Custom Cloud-Based Solution Helps Leading Insurance Provider Improves Customer Experience


Fortune 1000 satisfied customers worldwide across insurance verticals and a 13-year record of success speak for themselves.

Mobile App for Car Insurers


A client’s inspiration for delivering this product came from the need to improve the customer experience for provided car insurance products.


The solution has gathered all the needed functionality in one application in order to help the client to achieve the goals.

Mobile App for Insurance


Mobile app platform that offers a fast and simple way to get reliable insurance products with a focus on convenience, transparency and great prices. In addition, the client can file a claim to assign an expert and a tow through our mobile app.


All-in-one mobile app with a database that contains all the required customer and insurance policy information.

BABB — Mobile Bank App


Global mobile banking platform that enables people to open bank accounts, access peer-to-peer banking services and send money across the world.


The solution includes currencies tokenization, core banking integration, global payment networks, internal exchange, biometric Identity verification, and more.

Legacy System Transformation


An insurance service provider faced numerous issues with legacy systems with Excels providing highly segmented and non-movable data and functionality to a single platform, aiming to digitize the working process and associated data.


The solution includes a legacy back-office integration, scheduling and labor management portal, asset tracking and management framework, vendor ecosystem, etc.

Digital Transformation for Insurance


The client wanted to strengthen their relationship with customers and stakeholders, increase the internal operational efficiencies by increasing the role of self-service and automated case processing.


We have created an app that helps the users manage every step of the insurance process easier, from making appointments and claims to childrens’ insurance management.

Digital Transformation, Mobile for Insurance


The customer sought to consolidate all services through one mobile app that offered its clients everything. While maintaining it’s brand, customer experience, and ease of use for the Military and their families.


We have consolidated all services in a single app and created auto loans with integrations into Kelly Blue Book and AutoTrader for vehicle selection and loan approval.

Task and Asset Management System for Insurance


Our client wanted to perform the digital transformation in task tracking and asset management processes in one of their departments through implementing an effective system with a user-friendly interface.


Our solution allows the client to manage all department’s assets and tasks, accomplish tasks through the system, and assure direct communication among the staff.

Big Data Enterprise Platform


The client had reached architectural and technical “cul de sac” with legacy data silos performance, data quality, lineage, and duplication across all its products and system. The explosive growth of data from their clients threatened to bring existing infrastructure to a complete collapse.


The new Big Data Platform replaced all databases and data silos. Single point for all data ingestion, processing, and distribution across all systems. Batch and stream data processing allowed us to design Machine Learning and real-time data-driven applications.

Digital Transformation & ERP Solution for Medical Insurance


The client wanted to perform a digital transformation of their services, converging them in one handy internal solution that minimizes the heavy paperwork common to a medical insurance firm and improves relationships and connections with clients.


Our solution is an innovative software platform that transforms the way insurance firms and their clients interact using state-of-the-art technology. The newly developed mobile app and cloud-based platform give clients access to the information and services they need anytime, anywhere.


Do you have additional questions?

What Is Insurtech Consulting?

Insuretch consulting is specialized in helping insurtech startups and mature technology solution providers to enter and expand market activities and technological possibilities in the best possible way.

How Is Maintenance of Legacy Insurance Systems Implemented?

Legacy insurance systems maintenance needs a systematic approach that includes regular updating, bug fixing, and security checkouts to ensure that every part of your legacy functions flawlessly. Depending on your legacy system’s size and complexity, its maintenance may require a team of tech engineers who will minimize the possibility of issue occurrence and extend your legacy system lifespan.

What Is Custom Insurance Underwriting Software?

Custom insurance underwriting software ensures quality insurance software solutions for improved internal process efficiency and reduced turn-around time.

What Is Custom Insurance Policy Management Software?

Custom insurance policy management software breaks down into two key processes:
• creating policies
• maintaining policies

Where to Hire Specialists for Custom Insurance Claim Management Software Development?

If you are looking for custom insurance claim management system developers then, you are in the right place. Intellectsoft is specialized in providing software development team services. Get quick, specific tech, and domain expertise acquisition.

What Are Six Steps to Consider Before Starting Insurance Mobile App Development?

There are six steps to take before creating an insurance mobile app of any complexity:
1) Do market research and analysis
2) Define your target audience
3) Determine whether it should be native, hybrid, or web application
4) Choose your monetization options
5) Create a marketing strategy, promotion plan, and plan for app store optimization
6) Take proper security measures

What Does Insurance API Development and Integration Mean?

Insurance API development and integration is the connection between applications, via their APIs, that lets those systems exchange data. Throughout many high-performing businesses, API integrations power processes keep data in sync, enhance productivity, and drive revenue.

What Does Insurance Quoting Software Development Stand for?

Insurance quoting is the amount of money that an insurance company calculates as the cost of providing insurance for something. One of the primary purposes of the insurance quoting software development process is eliminating paperwork and face-to-face contact.

What Does Insurance Compliance Software Development Mean?

It means the process of building a software solution with a set of functionalities and features that would solve the needs of the insurance company and adhere to all necessary regulatory requirements and industry standards.

What Is Insurance Risk Management Software Development?

Risk management software's primary purpose is to identify potential risks before they occur to plan risk handling activities, thus mitigating the adverse impact on achieving project objectives.

How Is Insurance Document Management Software Implemented?

Insurance Document Management Software empowers clients to streamline documents generated and received by organizing them in a single repository. This kind of software helps insurance companies to organize, manage, manipulate, and store data easily, resulting in better service for their customers and end-users.

What Do Insurance Agency Software Solutions Include?

Here is a list of possible insurance agency software solutions:
• Product & service reinvention
• Underwriting & claims automation
• Risk & document management solutions
• Modernized platforms & digital ecosystems
• Compliance & quoting software solutions

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